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Pre-Buy Propane Special

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Enjoy low summer prices for your propane this winter, delivered right to your home. As an experienced propane user, you know that propane prices are lower in summer, when demand is lightest, than in winter, when demand is heaviest. We set low summer prices today for delivery when you need it this winter. Please check out the prices in your county, and be savings smart this winter! Minimum 500 gallons.

At this time,we are offering For 500s and 1000s tank sizes at a minimum 1.2 X tank size.


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Effective Date:  10/01/2019

1) Last Delivery Policy. When you pre-buy propane from Thrifty Propane, there are occasions when your last delivery may be less than the amount required to fill your tank. When this occurs, you may purchase additional propane at either the current daily rate for the overage of gallons to make up a full fill for delivery, purchase a new pre-buy, or accept the remaining fuel in your current pre-buy with the payment of a Short-Fill fee. If you have purchased a pre-buy that includes a free tank, any refunds are subject to the cost of the tank deducted from any reimbursement, as well as administrative costs and a cancellation fee. All fees are posted on our “Truth in Pricing” page at www.thriftypropane.com. Refunds for propane may be set at the Mt. Belvieu, TX rate from the Wall Street Journal as of the date of purchase or the cancellation date, whichever rate is lowest. 

2) Limitation of Quantity or Delay of Delivery. In the event of certain circumstances or occurrences, including but without limitation Acts of God, force majeure, fire, explosion, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, strike, war, act of war, riot, insurrection, terrorism, sabotage, unplanned outage, impassable roads, state emergencies imposed, D.O.T road closures, breakdown of production or transportation facilities, allocation of product at pipeline or other terminal, or other similar circumstances, may necessitate a lesser or full amount as determined by Thrifty at its sole discretion due any shortage of product, as determined by Thrifty Propane, or any delay in getting our product anywhere in the Thrifty Propane service areas. Thrifty Propane may delay, or limit the quantity of, propane delivered to your residence or not deliver at all. In the event of war or act of war Thrifty Propane reserves the right to not to deliver product from your pre-buy account.

3) Disruption of Supply. Using whatever sourcing seems most reasonable at the time, Thrifty Propane will make reasonable business efforts to make delivery, but the time of or days after order of delivery is not guaranteed.  In the event of any disruption of supply, it is understood that Thrifty Propane may make reasonable commercial efforts to deliver the agreed upon quantities to the buyer. However, if the terminal can’t give us the quantity of product we are allocated, your pre-buy propane may not be delivered and the daily rate propane may be all that you can buy. In the event of war or act of war, your pre-buy propane may not be available, only daily rate propane will be available. In the event of war or act of war, pre-buy customers who leased a tank from Thrifty Propane are assured of delivery of propane from their pre-buy account, subject only to the 15 business-day delivery time. An alternate heating source is needed and required. You agree and represent you have an alternative heating source to be eligible to purchase a pre-buy from Thrifty Propane due to the possibility of these unforeseen events beyond our control.

4) Delivery Fees. Delivery Fees, including the hazmat fee, mileage fee, administration fee, will be charged for each delivery, and billed to your account at the time delivery is completed. These fees apply to all pre-buy gallons in your account, regardless of the date of purchase.

5) All prices and fees are subject to change without notice. All prices and fees are subject to change without notice. In the event your propane refill is not equal to approximately 50% of your tank size, a Short-Fill fee may be charged. Keep track of the pre-buy gallons that you've purchased however, there is fee of $10.00 for checking your balance without placing an order, but it will be waived if checking balances via internet or Live Chat. An annual storage fee of $0.03/gallon on your remaining pre-buy gallon balance may be assessed automatically via credit card or telecheck beginning on the anniversary of your original purchase; in the event the payment is not able to be processed, gallons may be deducted instead at the Mt. Belvieu, TX wholesale rate found on the Wall Street Journal for the total amount due until the payment information has been updated or pre-buy balance has been exhausted. A storage fee will be assessed with your initial order of $0.03 a gallon, and a storage fee of $0.03 a gallon on any pre-buy balance remaining on your account the second (2nd) anniversary of your original purchase, and a storage fee of $0.05/gallon on your account the third (3rd) anniversary of your original purchase. 

6) Consent to fall season automatic fill and pre-recorded reminder call. By entering into this pre-buy agreement, you are giving Thrifty Propane permission to automatically fill your propane tank with your pre-purchased gallons at any point during the fall season (September through December) in order to better prepare you for the impending winter season. You further consent to Thrifty Propane contacting you by recorded message to remind you to check your gauge and place your order during that period to assure that you are prepared for the winter heating season.

7) Delivery up to 15 business days, other delivery options. Allow a delivery time frame of approximately 15 weekdays M-F excluding Holidays, weather permitting, as long as the consumer is current in his or her payment obligation and has complied with the material terms and conditions of this Pre-Buy policy. In the event Thrifty Propane fails to deliver propane to the consumer within 15 business days of an order (excluding situations outside of Thrifty Propane’s control), the consumer may cancel his or her contract within the following 15 business days without incurring any additional fees, penalties, charges, or costs and Thrifty Propane shall reimburse the consumer, in full, the amount paid by the consumer for any fuel remaining on the consumer’s Pre-buy account.  Any refund will occur within 30 business days following the cancellation of the contract or Pre-buy account.  Thrifty Propane is an intermediate provider. Rush services (emergency, expedited, and special delivery fills) may be available upon approval in the event you require a fill sooner than the 15 weekdays time frame; please contact customer service at 800-879-3152 to discuss the availability and prices for these services.

8) Your driveway must be clear or a fee will be assessed. The right of offset fee/compensation can be assessed if Thrifty goes out to deliver your propane and the driveway is not plowed. Thrifty may not deliver the propane in those conditions. If we have to come back out after the driveway has been cleared there may be a return trip fee of $99.00. If Thrifty gets stuck in your driveway due to snow or ice and we have to call a tow truck, you are responsible to pay for the tow bill. Our only obligation to you is to keep you in gas. The tank percentage reading given to Thrifty by you must be accurate. If Thrifty delivers propane to you and the reading is more than 50% a short fill fee may be accessed equal to $29.00 dollars or $29.00 dollars worth of propane at the ppg charged at date of order. If we have to access the short fill fee an administration fee of $15.00 may be added also. If you call when the tank is at 30% or less you have a chance of running out.


We look forward to servicing your propane needs!